Mental Health & Substance Use

Design models for the provision of holistic person centred care through integration of Mental Health and Substance Use services. Ensure that this is informed by lived and living experience

Our vision

Provide person centred care that is holistic and trauma informed, with enhanced links between Mental Health and Substance Use services that reflect the distinct needs of the prison population, cognisant of the environment and prison processes. We promote positive mental health and wellbeing, supporting staff wellbeing training and development, providing prevention and early interventions, and addressing stigma and discrimination that currently exist.

Our approach is informed by those with lived and living experience, their families and the wider community, using evidence based research and health intelligence, supporting multidisciplinary design and delivery. Based on the principles of “beyond equity” we will work with prison-based and community services, striving for excellence in seamless care through admission, transfer and liberation back to the community, meeting the needs of those who have complex health, social care and offending related needs.

The deliverables for this working group are

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